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First published in 1976, The Flatman Compendium is a book of environmental cartoon strips featuring 'Flatman' & family. Flatman is the biggest threat to the world since the discovery of oil. Many of the strips in the book are as relevant today as they were 42 years ago.



The Flatman Compendium

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The Flatman Compendium is the result of people putting chemicals into marmalade that tasted better before. Also of fly-by-night characters digging around in Snowdonia National Park for a quick buck; of seabirds in oil; of floating islands of indestructible plastic; of blind over-procreation; of the conversion of the Q.E. 2’s library into a casino; of the conversion of animals into fur coats and candles; of the conversion of just about everything into money.

This book doesn’t attempt to explain the mentality of those responsible, but I can tell you roughly what they look like:






The Flatman Compendium isn’t so much dedicated to, as pointed at, Flatmen (and Flatwomen) everywhere.

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