Chris James

B o o k s

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FLATMAN: That's Flatys standing in St Mark's Square.

FLATYS: And with that crack in the tower you can see why we didn't stay there long.

FLATSON: We didn't really like those pigeons much either, did we Dad?

FLATYS: Here we all are at the Lido where we spent most of our time. Lucy-Box foolishly went into the water and had to have her stomack pumped.

FLATMAN: It ruined the whole afternoon I can tell you.

LUCY-BOX: How could I know? The sign was in Italian!

FLATMAN: On the Thursday we took a day excursion to Mestre on the mainland. It's an industrial town. Really alive and vibrant. That's me standing beside one of their Mercurozinc Effluidacid Egesters on the lagoon.

FLATMAN: Mone of the other picturesd we took came out due to something in the air.

FLATYS: Yes, and what a dreadful waste! But I'm glad in a way that we saw Venice before it disintegrated aren't you dear?